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A Disturbance in Mirrors

A Disturbance in Mirrors + A Harry Potter RPG
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It's 1975, and wizarding England is in the middle of a war. Lord Voldemort and his followers, the Death Eaters, are gaining power and killing Muggle-born wizards as they go--and, unbeknownst to most wizarding authorities, they're beginning to infiltrate the core powers of the Ministry of Magic. As the Death Eaters gain power, the chaos can only heighten. Still at Hogwarts are several young people who will play pivotal roles in the war to come, for one side or the other. The only certain thing is that none will leave this war unaffected.

+ Your character's diary is an ordinary paper diary, which the character should update fairly regularly. The other characters cannot actually see it, but it's encouraged that you comment in other diaries just for fun--as long as you remember that your character doesn't actually know what the other one wrote about, and that commenting with the reactions is just to exercise your creativity.
+ Whenever you have an OOC comment or concern, post it to disturbance_ooc. OOC comments in your diary and in the entry comments are strongly discouraged, though you're not going to get the boot unless you rampantly abuse them.
+ Scene RPing is generally done in AOL Instant Messenger, after which one of the players will clean up the log (remove AIM names, please!) and post it to disturbance_rpg under an LJ-cut. RPing is done in third-person paragraph format with a semiformal writing style.
+ Two real days equal one game day. Each game month, the moderators will post a chart in disturbance_ooc listing the conversions.

General RPing

+ You don't have to be an experienced RPer. However, you do need to be good--not perfect, but good. Your characters must be three-dimensional and well-developed--no Mary Sues. You must understand the concept that actions in-character will lead to in-character consequences, and that people's opinions of your character are NOT their opinions of you. You must have solid, functional writing and the ability to string together a coherent sentence. And, while we're not going to strangle you for the occasional typo, you must be able to spell well and consistently--similarly, ending a sentence with a preposition sometimes is okay, but bigger grammatical errors are not.
+ The game does not revolve around your character. If all goes well, all the characters will be important, so don't expect to constantly be in the limelight. This goes hand in hand with the rule about Mary Sues.
+ Not every character is going to adore yours. If you can't deal with this, please refrain from applying. For that matter, no creating characters simply for the purpose of romance.


+ Any major plot ideas must be cleared with the moderators first. The definition of 'major' is left to your common sense, and if you have any doubts whatsoever that your plot idea is clear, please ask rather than going ahead with it anyway.
+ Before dragging another character into a plot of yours, you must clear this with the other player and collaborate. Hijacking other people's characters is enough to get you kicked out of the game if the transgression is bad enough.
+ The moderators will cause in-game trouble fairly regularly. The characters are living in a very turbulent time, and big, horrible things will happen in their lives. Of course, permission will be asked before we do anything that directly affects your character, like the loss of a family member or a serious injury.
+ The non-player entities are ruled by mirror_npcs. These entities include but are not limited to The Daily Prophet, the major powers of the Ministry of Magic, Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore, and various characters with similar power. The non-player entities are strictly under the moderators' control, and will often be vehicles for plot twists.


+ The focus of A Disturbance in Mirrors lies in the plot. That said, romance is permitted as long as it doesn't become the focus of the game. Slash and het are both welcomed as long as you don't go too overboard with the mush, and as long as you keep the time frame in mind--unfortunately, someone who's openly gay in 1975 is going to get trouble for it, and it would be unrealistic to the times to pretend otherwise.
+ Pregnancy, marriages, and other such things need to be cleared with the moderators first so as to prevent rampant drama.
+ No rape, incest (first cousins or closer), or statutory relationships (an adult with someone under 17). Characters under fourteen are not allowed to date, and characters under sixteen aren't allowed to have sex. Just as a general rule of thumb--if you think it might be illegal in real life, it's probably illegal here. Questions can be directed to the mods.
+ Necessary sex scenes are okay, pointless smut is not. Also, if a log has sexual content, it's advisable to post a rating warning.

Out-Of-Character Behavior

+ It's your responsibility before the moderators' to find people to RP with. If you're having serious trouble you can ask for help, but before going that route, post in the OOC community asking if anyone wants to RP with your character, ping people on AIM, etc. Your character is your responsibility.
+ You must be polite with your fellow players, as well as with the moderators. Being bitchy, manipulative, or nasty will get you kicked when the moderators hear of it, so please be civil.
+ Harrassment of any player is not tolerated. You do it, you're out of here, end of story.
+ Above all else, have fun, and let the other players have fun as well. =)


Before you join, make sure you've read over all the rules, know how to operate a LiveJournal, and are 15 years of age or older. If you qualify for all of these, then you can fill out the following application:

Name or Handle:
[What you want the other players to call you-just what you go by online.]

E-mail Address(es):
[So we can contact you when we need to. Don't worry, we don't sell it to spammers.]

AIM Handle(s):
[You need to have one of these, it's rather important. ;)]

Date of Birth:
[Because one of the mods uses the British standard date system, write out the name of the month rather than ##-##-####. Otherwise the mod in question will think your birthday is on the second of October rather than the tenth of February.]

Character Profile
[Full name, including any titles or nicknames.]

Age/Date of Birth:
[When the character was born and how old he currently is. Include place of birth if it isn't the same as his current location.]

House and Year:
[What House the character is/was in and what year he's in (if applicable). If your character is/was a Prefect or Head Boy/Girl, please note this here.]

[Wood, core, length. Stick to the three Ollivander's cores unless your character comes from a foreign country, and even then, be realistic, please.]

Current Location/Living Arrangements:
[Where the character lives, including what type of house, number of family members or flatmates, etc.]

[If applicable.]

Physical Description:
[Detail is good, overloading on flowery language is not. Give us a good idea what your character looks like, but if you find yourself using phrases like "long, flowing gold tresses," then consider toning it down a bit.]

Personal History:
[You don't have to write everything that's ever happened to your character, just the major events in his life.]

[The most important section, obviously. Be detailed-just listing off adjectives doesn't cut it. This is where you prove that you really know your character.]

Strengths & Weaknesses:
[The character's talents and flaws, both magical and practical.]

[What your character does in his spare time.]

[Anything, public or private, that you would like to add about your character. Some people like to use this section to mention the character's pets, sexual orientation, or anything else that isn't major but still relevant to the character. If you weren't able to fit a quirk of some kind into the main app, put it here. :)]

For the Moderator's Benefit
What are you planning on doing with this character?
[A brief outline of your plans for your character in the game-any plot ideas you have regarding your character, where your character will probably be in ten years, etc.]

Sample journal entry:
[A hypothetical entry in your character's journal for the sake of a writing sample. It's up to you whether or not you use this as your character's opening entry once his journal is set up.]

Done? Then send it to disturbedmirrors@hotmail.com and wait for a reply. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, we should get back to you in 48 hours.


Gryffindor Students
Manini Agarawal, 7th year - _shardsofglass_
Franklin Longbottom, 7th year - vraisemblance
Remus Lupin, 7th year (Prefect) - _paralysedforce
Peter Pettigrew, 7th year (Quidditch commentator) - frontlined
James Potter, 7th year (Head Boy, Quidditch captain, Chaser) - october_drizzle
William Weasley, 5th year (Prefect) - setanexample

Hufflepuff Students
Dedalus Diggle, 7th year - _foppish_
Aidan Lynch, 5th year (Quidditch Captain, Chaser) - crashbangthud
Marlene McKinnon, 6th year (Prefect) - thelevelhead

Ravenclaw Students
Bartemius Crouch Jr., 5th year (Prefect) - royal_flux
Faraday Lever, 6th year (Prefect, Beater) - humancathedral

Slytherin Students
Narcissa Black, 7th year (Prefect) - tartlygraced
Adelaide Rosier, 5th year - adaysaved
Josiah Travers, 6th year (Quidditch Captain, Beater) - 125mph

Hogwarts Instructors
Alistair Renton, Muggle Studies Professor - nicotinefiend
Naja Saad, Divination Professor - smokescreened

Adults Outside Hogwarts
Ryan Carmody, Ministry prosecutor - paperdealt
Antonin Dolohov, Russian émigré - gastrolyor
Damien Hyde, Ministry prosecutor - enterpriser
Rabastan Lestrange, Ministry official - casualsadism
Daniel McKinnon, Senior Auror - gloryboy


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