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1 September 1975 - A Disturbance in Mirrors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Disturbance in Mirrors + A Harry Potter RPG

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1 September 1975 [Jan. 17th, 2005|12:00 am]
A Disturbance in Mirrors + A Harry Potter RPG
Dear students,

Enclosed with your list of school supplies this year, you doubtless received a blank, hardbound book. As you were previously informed, these books were to be brought with you to school. I trust that everyone has obeyed these instructions.

These books are part of a new school-wide project to promote inter-house unity, cooperation, and improve verbal skills. They are also intended as an outlet for the heightened emotions recent events have no doubt caused among many of the student body.

Staff members will be able to read all that you write unless it is shielded from their eyes, so I urge you to use the utmost care whilst writing. Prefects may discipline students for in-journal conduct if it is a severe enough breach of etiquette and of the school code, as may staff members.

No student is exempt from this project, so any complaining is ill-advised. With that, I wish all of you well, and look forward to reading your entries. Gryffindor House, as always, I expect you to be example to the rest of the student body. Do not disappoint me.

—Minerva McGonagall